HI GUYS!! Hope you guys have had an awesome week! I know I have. Today I’ll be reviewing a new masterpiece released by Solange Knowles which she called “`A Seat at the Table”.

I think it’s safe to say that 2016 has been a pretty awesome year for music. We’ve had a lot of unique and diverse albums come in different forms this year and I’ve been loving every bit of it. I haven’t been one to listen to any previous Solange albums until this one but, I know I loved two singles from her last album “True” which are Lovers in the parking lot and Losing You. Solange Knowles has never been a mainstream musician, that is to say that her sound is definitely an acquired taste and its very likely that a lot of people would not appreciate the artistry behind her music. Her sound is very unique in the sense that it reminiscent to the likes of Anderson Paak and Frank Ocean but still manages to set its self apart and solidify its ground as Urban Contemporary R’n’B.

With a track list of 21 songs including features from Lil Wayne, Sampha, Kelela, The Dream and BJ The Chicago Kid, “A Seat at The Table” is a very coherent album which explores very present human emotions at the same time telling an unapologetic story of black excellence. Aside from the music there are also heart felt interludes giving more depth and emotion to the story of this album. The first track is one of my favourite tracks and I feel it was a brilliant intro to the album, it’s kind of like a soft pillow preparing for the sweet sleep that is “A Seat at the Table”. I can’t even pick my favourite tracks at this point because every song has something different to offer from the next but the album is still so coherent so much so that its almost difficult to point out when the next track comes on (The Key is the interludes). As for her vocals on this album I was really surprised to hear her hit some notes, they weren’t big notes but that doesn’t matter because her music doesn’t need the big boisterous notes, there’s something about her vocals that just speaks to my soul.  The interludes are also amazing and somewhat uplifting, my best has to be Mama Tina’s interlude (Tina taught me) which comes right before Don’t Touch my Hair (listen to it and you’ll know why).

I’m really just in love with this album and it’s good to know that Solange has a very different sound from Beyonce and they really can’t be compared although lemonade and A Seat at the Table can be seen as companion albums in some ways. It’s not surprising though because they grew up in the same household and heard the same conversations. According to Solange they both have been pro-black their whole lives and I’m glad it’s very inherent in their music. I’ll definitely be snagging Solanges previous albums but remember if you don’t appreciate the music doesn’t mean it’s bad, shit or crap, it just isn’t your cup of tea but if you appreciate good music then this album is the right fit.

Sorry this is coming so late guys, the internet struggle is real. Please make sure you leave a comment, Let me know your best tracks from A Seat at the Table. Also, be sure to check my previous material, like and share this blog please!! See you next time!