Hey guys!! Lady Gaga released her latest single a few days (September 9th) titled “Perfect Illusion” which serves as the lead single for her upcoming fifth studio album but more importantly it’s her come back to pop music since her previous pop release ARTPOP in 2013. ARTPOP was lady gaga’s fourth studio album which had quite the tasteful sound; meaning, ARTPOP was a bit ahead of its time. Following ARTPOP, the pop songstress took to creating a jazz masterpiece with music legend Tony Bennet titled “Cheek to Cheek” another album of acquired taste.  It was not a flop for jazz music but compared to her legacy it was probably her worst album. So this single needed to have character (which it did) it needed to have pizaz (which it also did) but above all it needed to speak volumes to the masses and it needed to have an inequitable over the top bang which it lacked.

Her working on this song with Mark Ronson, Blood pop and Kevin Parker I would have expected it to have that IT factor but it didn’t do it for me. Listening to the song the first time it seemed to paint the picture of a new age on further analyses you can tell it sounded somewhat unfinished (or is it just me? Leave a comment). The start of the song was rather electrifying but along the line I was a bit lost in the instrumental (which Is typical for me listening to pop rock songs but don’t worry I found myself). Her vocals were undeniably strong and clear though which is her strong suit given her limited vocal range. I really liked the chorus it has this element that would make it stick even hours after listening to it. The bridge was amazing and then the key change happened and I was teleported to another dimension. Now my problem with this song is not that its bad but it just doesn’t scream comeback to me and it’s too short. Being a big gaga fan I really hoped for a longer experience but alas Miss Germanotta had something different for me.

It’s a bit different from Gaga’s usual sound but still very reminiscent of Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach and some of Gaga’s older songs. I like the song and I would still continue listening to it, I think you guys should give it a listen if you haven’t and if you have lemme know your thoughts in the comment section.

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