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On the 27th of January BET aired their biopic of the 80’s R’n’B Group “New Edition”. I actually hadn’t heard of this group before the biopic so watching this was a real trip for me because I’ve always wanted to venture into music from the 80’s but I never knew where to start from and me being the lazy ass that I am I never really looked so this was a splendid opportunity.

So, “The New Edition Story” was a 6-hour mini-series which aired as a three-day special on BET (2 hours for each episode). Obviously, members of the group were played by actors but these actors had a three-week boot camp where they were trained by the original members of the group and the original manager/choreographer of the group (Brook Payne). So, this biopic is a 100% authentic because everything portrayed in the show is per real live events produced almost completely by the people who lived it. Here’s a list of the cast members below:

  • Bobby Brown is played by Woody McClain
  • Ricky Bell is played the amazing Elijah Kelley (Most notable for his role as “Seaweed J. Stubs” on the 2007 film adaptation of “Hairspray”)
  • Ralph Tresvant is played by Algee Smith
  • Ronnie Devoe is played by Keith Powers (most notable for his roles as “Tyree’ in Straight Outta Compton and “Theo” in MTV’S faking it).
  • Michael Bivin is played by Bryshere Y. Gray (most notable for his role as “Hakeem Lyon” in the hit TV series “Empire”)
  • Johnny Gill is played by Luke James (who is a two-time Grammy nominated singer-songwriter)
From right to left: Woody and Bobby, Elijah and Ricky, Algee and Ralph, Keith and Ronnie, Bryshere and Mike, Luke and Johnny.


Every member of the iconic group is portrayed in this biopic from the inception of the group which is them as little kids who live in the same community of Roxbury, Boston. Bobby brown initiated the group welcoming his imgres-2friends Mike and Ricky to join him onstage at the next talent show after tanking his first performance. The trio then cajoled Ralph (who later becomes the groups lead singer) to join them. After getting manager Brook Payne and his nephew Ronnie Devoe, the group has their first number one single on the billboard charts; Candy Girl.

Like many artists do when they first get signed, new edition did not read their contract and were basically duped during the early years of their careers in the name of “expenses”. Apart from that we get the tea on the conflicts within the group and why bobby brown was kicked out of the group in the mid 80’s which lead to him pursuing his solo career. We also get the story behind the popular Trio Bel Biv Devoe (BBD) as well as the solo efforts of Ralph Tresvant. Johnny Gill didn’t become a member of the group until the departure of bobby brown. However, Johnny had considerable solo success outside of new edition, he also went on to join the popular group LSG.

I think this story is very important particularly to music lovers around the world. Without New edition, we wouldn’t have the world-famous group Boys II Men and many of the present R’n’B artists. Also, this biopic shines a light on the mysteries of the music industry as well as the nitty gritty of the imgres-1.jpggroup. Most of all this introduced me to “new edition” and I’m sure I won’t be the first to say I probably wouldn’t have known them without this biopic which would’ve have been unfortunate because their sound is amazing and I believe music like that transcends time! Some might say because of my age and the music that I grew up with I wouldn’t be able to gravitate towards their music but on the contrary music feeds the soul, it doesn’tmatter how old or young you are GOOD MUSIC IS GOOD MUSIC, regardless of when you were born if you have a genuine love for MUSIC you can enjoy music from any era/time.

With that said you all should watch The New Edition Story and if you’ve seen it already let me know what you think in the comment section. Assuming you don’t want to watch the biopic but want to listen to the music, you should start with the album “heart break” by new edition and work your way back from there, listen to Bobby browns album “Don’t be Cruel”, Johnny Gill’s self-titled album, Ralph Tresvant’s self-titled album and lastly the single “Poison” by BBD.



Hey Guys!!! I hope you didn’t miss me too much. Well if you did, don’t worry, today you’re in for a treat because I will be guiding you in a crash course on the basics of successfully committing a murder and escaping the justice system during and after your crime. You didn’t actually thing I was telling the truth, did you? 😂😂😂Haha no I won’t be teaching anything but I’ll be discussing the series titled How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM).

With the official start of the fall season, all television networks with some of the best and most entertaining series have begun to release the season premieres of said series and Shondaland is not missing out on the party. #TGIT is a hashtag you should be familiar with if you watch any series executively Produced by Shonda Rhimes (🙌🏾Shondaland series🙌🏾). The season 3 premiere of HTGAWM aired on Thursday and it was absolutely amazing from start to finish there was no lack of drama or climax, it was an ingenious start to what I have no doubt would be an amazing season. For those that haven’t watched HTGAWM I’ll give a quick overview.

Viola Davis stars in the series as Annalise Keating, a criminal law professor who has the task of picking 4 students from her class to practice in her law firm under her tutelage.  She ends up picking these 4 students with an extra student who she felt had promise and potential. After picking these students its basically downhill from there. It’s a whirlwind of emotions and drama with this merry band of misfits. It’s so good that I don’t think I’ve actually invested more time and emotion to another series (except the first 5 seasons of Vampire Diaries😒). Honestly…Truly, if you haven’t started watching this series, start now.

So let’s talk about this season premiere. I mean another season another murder right? I just can’t deal with Shonda Rhimes! I might have as well had a heart attack during this episode. So it starts with a scene of paramedics wheeling a body into an ambulance and I thought it was the body of Wallis Mahoney (Wes’s Father) but boy was I wrong. The mind fuckery in this series is on another level. You really can’t tell what’s happening in a particular scene or what’s going to happening the next scene until it’s there plain as day.  Like the backwards/forwards storyline is just a masterpiece because its keeps us tuning to find out more and its adds a lot more layers to the story. I don’t want to say too much but so far what we know is Frank is still on the loose, Wes has a new girlfriend, Oliver and Connor broke up, Mikaela is a grown ass woman and somebody Important to Annalise is dead or is going to die? Its honestly just a mess and that’s what makes a good season.

Thank you guys for checking in again. Let me know in the comment section which character you think is going to be killed off this season. Don’t forget to like and share this blog please please please share. Till next time.



Hey guys!!! I know I’ve been gone for quite some time and I want to apologise for that. Apart from my overwhelming laziness, I’ve had some programs eating up not just my time but my energy as well. Now that I am free as a bird, imp back with another review and I’ll be reviewing the 2016 series “Recover Road”.

Recovery road made its big TV debut on the 25th of January on the Channel Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family), home to Pretty Little Liars, switched at birth, The Fosters, Shadow Hunters, Twisted, Baby Daddy, and very many others. On the release of Recovery Road, the executives at freeform were a little sceptical because they were unsure of the success of this series. Well Recovery Road had a total of 10 episodes and didn’t have a particular trend to the number of viewers they had each week.


Based on a young adult novel by Blake Nelson, Recovery road focuses on Maddie Graham (Jessica Sula) a teenage girl who is dealing with alcohol and drug addiction among other things. Yes, I know the fact that she’s a teenager may capture some people’s attention but I think what did it for me was that; with this series they weren’t just trying show us some teenage girl’s life in high school as she climbs up and down the food chain and dates the very many guys of her dreams (awkward, which I feel is a story that has been told one too many times). Recovery Road is a rather unorthodox story which not only shows us the very many dangers of substance abuse but, gives us an insight to the work that is put into turning back from certain choices that have been made and how slippery the road to recovery can be. Aside from this series being massively entertaining, I think it was also very informative and educating. While having to live in a sober house for 90 days to escape the risk of expulsion, Maddie has to lie to her friends who are also substance abusers to keep from being judged. While inside the house Maddie is introduced to a panoply of characters, each with their own backstory.

During the course of this series I was always excited to watch the next episode and that gave me no time to really savour the experience. I was done with the entire first season and the time to find the next season had come, to my utter dismay I found out that Freeform had cancelled the show due to an inconsistency in viewers throughout the first season. I almost cried. It wasn’t easy finding out that recovery road wasn’t renewed for a second season (which I feel was too harsh a decision made by freeform executives) but that shouldn’t discourage you from watching it. I think you guys should still go find recovery road and have a blast watching it, it’s one of the most authentic series I’ve watched in a while honestly.

This was just a brief description of the series and why it was cancelled, trust me it’s a lot more dramatic than it seems up there. Also you can read more about why it was cancelled by clicking here. Thank you guys for reading don’t forget to comment, like, subscribe/follow, and share please share!!!


I just finished the first season of this Netflix original series called “Sense 8”. Funny how I actually don’t have Netflix in Nigeria but somehow I got my hands on the first season and after watching just episode 1 I was completely hooked and I couldn’t stop until I watched the last episode of the season. This series was particularly exciting for me because it explores something I never really thought too much about, something that I honestly never really understood and I’m still incapable of completely explaining this series to you guys but I’ll try my best.

Sense 8 is a series about evolved humans who are connected telepathically. What does this mean? It means that 8 of these evolved humans are connected through their minds and can communicate from anywhere in the world with their minds. The members of this amazing phenomenon are in what is called a “cluster”, inside this cluster are 8 people connected who share emotions, skills, language, basically anything to do with the name. They can also communicate with each other one on one by “visiting” and when visiting they are in two places at once meaning that someone in Chicago could be both in Chicago and Iceland at the same time because they are communicating with someone in their cluster who is in Iceland. Not to sound like a dirty slut but there was this one scene that I just really have to talk about because it was just tew much. So you know how they share all their emotions and feelings right? Get this they also share pleasure as well. This scene was a sex scene where two members of the sense 8 were having sex and it looked like a full blown orgy GOSH!!! You’ll understand when you watch it.

Like most motion pictures which feature humans with “superpowers” or some kind of variation which makes them different from the average man, there is an organisation hunting the sense 8. Led by a doctor who is also a sense 8, the organisation captures people with the gift and they perform a brain surgery on them. The procedure often kills the patient but the one who survived was being controlled by the doctor.

There are many more technicalities to this series which I am unable to explain because I’m too hyped for season 2 and I don’t want to give away too much information. Personally, I think the writers of this series are geniuses and they did an amazing job because it seems so real and so in your face. Another thing I love is the build up of the series because I don’t feel like it was rushed or dragged in anyway; there was a story for every member of the sense 8 which made it a very interesting journey. I also love the fact we got to meet 2 or 3 generations of clusters during the series and there was a role for every person in the clusters except this one guy who didn’t really matter but probably has a bigger role in the next season. I would give this series an 8/10 and I strongly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for an adventure in their seating room. Don’t be discouraged because it will be quite confusing at first but as the journey goes you will begin to feel like one of the sense