Hey, hi, hello, yo, what’s up? I’m back again and today I’ll be reviewing “The Legend of Tarzan”. Yes, I know it’s been almost 2 months since its initial release but I just watched it today and my I was shooookkkk. So a few of my friends know I had plans to actualize my dreams of being a movie crawler (watching at least 3 movies at a go) but I made the mistake of watching Tarzan first and I couldn’t take it. I didn’t want the possibility of a garbage movie polluting my mind, so once I was done seeing Tarzan I headed home immediately.

So it’s been over a decade since Tarzan also known as John Clayton III and his wife Jane left Africa to live in Victorian England. He’s called back to his home to investigate the activities in a mining encampment by a supposed “royal invite”. This takes places in the late 17th century after the slavery abolition act had been passed but in spite of the act, men and women of Africa were still being enslaved. I don’t want to give off too many spoilers so I’ll just get down to business. This movie definitely was a breath of fresh air to me and I think it’s the best of all the live action movies I’ve seen so far this year (sadly I’m still yet to see Jungle Book). I also think this movie takes first place for 2016 releases and I’ll tell you why.

Alexander Skarsgard who plays Tarzan was absolutely exquisite in playing the role of Tarzan. I mean if you remember the Disney animation of Tarzan (not that horrid 2013 reboot, the 1999 film) you could see traits of that 1999 Tarzan in Alexander. Although this movie told a different side of the Tarzan story (more like a continuation) it felt very organic and authentic. At this point I would like to acknowledge how good of an actress Margot Robbie is. If you’ve watched a good number of movies that Margot Robbie has guest starred in, you can see the diversity in the characters but you can also see something similar as well. Her characters are usually very strong, demanding women and I think that’s a major reason why I’m sort of drawn to her characters. The creation of this movie must have cost a fortune because everything was impeccable, from the part where they jump off the cliff to get on the train and the very intricate details of the jungle, the Congolese people, the animals down to the very climax of the movie which had me shook to my very core. I mean that stampede at the end? Honey, they weren’t ready!!!! You could see the fear in their eyes (in fact if played close enough attention you could smell it) as the hoard of animals with Tarzan running in their midst approached them, it was perfection. Another beautiful part to this movie is Tarzans interaction with the animals and how he understood every animal they crossed paths with. Lastly, what’s an action movie without the titillating romance between the protagonist and his damsel? The love between Tarzan and Jane is unmatched (Yes, not even Joker and Harley Quin, I’m Kidding though). No but let’s be serious, the scene where Tarzan was making mating calls of various animals?! That was something else!! I’ve never seen anything like that in any movie (and I’ve seen a lot). Tarzan literally did everything humanly possible and impossible to save his love and when they were finally re-united it was bliss.

Well generally I really loved the movie, I was honestly so wrapped up in the movie that I didn’t notice when the couple behind me started making out (they must have been really touched). Anyway, if you haven’t seen The Legend of Tarzan please don’t waste any more time, go find it and watch it. Also, if you’ve seen it already let me know your thoughts and your favourite scenes from the movie in the comment section below.

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HEY GUYS!! I’m back with another summer movie review and this is a bit of a hit or miss but I think you guys should still go see it. I know some of you haven’t watched the first movie but this movie is the sequel to the 1996 movie Independence Day. A little advice; if you haven’t watched Independence Day, well you should look for it and watch it before watching Independence Day: Resurgence.

This movie starts 20 years after the first alien attack on the world in 1996 which enabled nations of the world to acquire intelligence from the mother ship which landed on earth at the time and use this intelligence to build weapons for defensive and offensive measures. After 20 years of peace and unity on earth, they are faced with an even bigger threat to humanity which in the course of events makes them realize that they are actually at the centre of an intergalactic war.

Here’s what I think went wrong with this movie.

First, why wait 20 years to release a sequel for heaven’s sake? When I watched this movie, I didn’t even know about the first one which was made in 199fucking6. I was so confused and lost because they made so many references to the 1996 war against the species which attacked earth. If I hadn’t gone back to watch the first Independence Day I wouldn’t have understood this movie at all. Secondly, since they decided to wait so long before releasing a sequel, they could have at least given us more of a recap because as I said before there were too many references to the ancient predecessor of this movie. Thirdly, the plot was pretty lousy. I say that because there were so many unanswered questions and too many unnecessary characters who had far too little to do with the movie and less depth than I expected.

Here’s what I liked about this movie.

I liked the scenes of mass destruction; they were very nicely depicted and kept me craving more. The movie climaxed quite nicely from the point of the arrival of the bigger and badder mother ship to the final showdown against the queen, everything was just action packed and it didn’t lack anything. The sense of humour in this movie was cute but sometimes unnecessary, it didn’t feel natural but I was able to overlook it and generally enjoy it. I think this must be what intrigued me the most about this movie. So the extraterrestrial species which attacked earth had their own ecosystem in their mother ship. I think that was so cool and we had just enough time to see inside the mother ship.

As I said earlier, this movie was a hit or miss for me which I believe is due to the fact that I hadn’t watched the first Independence Day. I liked the action scenes and climax but as a whole I would rate this movie 6.4/10.

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!!Disclaimer spoilers ahead!!

Hello hello hello  children!! Yes your boy is back at it again and today we have another movie review of the critically acclaimed Now You See Me 2.

Little advice if the part 1 of this movie is not fresh in your memory or you haven’t watched it at all, go back and watch or re-watch it now!! Let’s get into it shall we?

So starting this movie I didn’t know what to expect really because it’s so unpredictable, like you would think you know whats going and the BAM! Plot twist! Basically this movie was obviously a follow up to the previous movie starting from where they left off. It was a bigger, more exciting adventure with the addition of one new horseman or should I say “horsewoman”. With the departure of Henley (Isla Fisher) a replacement was very much expected and I have to say Lula ( Lizzy Caplan) was a very pleasant addition to the horse men. With shows that range from card tricks, to acts of God, to the old fashioned “find the lady trick” the sequel to the 2012 movie was definitely a roller coaster of events which would definitely keep you at the edge of your seat.

Remember how in the first movie the horsemen were the masterminds controlling every event? Well the tables have turned in this sequel. Oh yes! Someone in the name of Walter (Daniel Radcliffe) out tricked the tricksters. That’s not all, guess who his father is (allegedly) Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine) the business tycoon they stole from in the first movie. Daniel Radcliffe being the villain I did not completely agree with because I’m still so used to him being Harry Potter and I’m guilty of not watching his recent films, I apologize. Anyway sometimes I loved Walter sometimes I wanted to strangle walter but he also added an element of comedy and sarcasm to the movie.

Another part from this movie that had me going bunkers was when they were at London and began the first phases of their “grand finale”. Danny supposedly controlling the rain was probably one of the best illusions of this whole movie, why? Because they actually hinted to that scene during the movie but I didn’t clock it until he was done with his performance. It’s just so profoundly amazing how much intuition goes into producing such amazing illusions, I mean if you thought part 1 was a riot just watch part 2 and place your thoughts in the comment section down below. Generally I really think all the characters were appropriately portrayed especially Dylan (Mark Ruffalo). There’s just something about Mark Ruffalo’s acting that I’m always able to gravitate towards I can’t really explain it but make sure you watch this movie as soon as possible, you don’t want any more reviews messing up your perspective of the movie do you?

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The Intern 

HI GUYS!!! I’m back again with another movie review and trust me this time it’s a good one. So I was on my laptop frantically searching for a movie to watch, that’s when it caught my eye “The Intern” and I said to myself “this looks familiar” I then remembered that I had watched a trailer of the movie a while back on dstv box office. The intern is a movie starring Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin and Robert de niro as Ben Whittaker. Directed by Stephen Goldblatt, written and produced by Nancy Meyer, the intern is a refreshing movie depicting a young career driven woman who juggles being a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur.  She owns an online fashion site called “About The Fit”, the company has an idea to hire senior interns and Ben being a successful business man looking to get back in the game pounces at the opportunity and sure enough he gets the job. In his first few days of work Ben is assigned to be Jules’ intern which she wasn’t too happy about but she later changes her mind. Ben is like a fish out of water because his methods a quite old school, coming into the office every morning dressed in a suit and tie (in an office where outfits of choice are predominantly casual), carrying a briefcase and things like that but Ben is a very lovable character who quickly wins the hearts of his colleagues through hard work, dedication and honesty. I think everything about this movie was superb from the cast (which are so talented and I couldn’t love anymore) to the plot and setting, but I think what I loved most is the fact that Jules and Ben had such an unorthodox relationship, it was so beautiful seeing them bonding and getting to know each other. Obviously with their relationship Ben got to know Jules’ family. He met her husband who decided to become a stay at home dad when Jules career took off and his daughter.

One thing that annoys me with movies that have leading females whose characters are successful career women is that; the husbands almost always cheat for some reason. Yes honey! Matt (Jules’ husband) was cheating on her with some mother from his daughter school (like dude didn’t have respect, it was even a mother from his daughters school). I feel like it had to do with the fact that Jules being the busy a woman was rarely at home and he just wanted a relationship that seemed more stable to him. Anyway his reason was that he felt they were growing apart but to me that doesn’t make sense, like if you’re feeling some type of way about your man or woman don’t you tell them about it so that you can meet halfway? Aside from that I think he must have felt emasculated in some way and wanted that back, but then if he did feel emasculated was it really there from the onset? Any way this is just my opinion and I really do feel like once he started feeling like something was wrong, he should have addressed it with his WIFE instead of looking for some kind of stability outside his marriage.

This movie for me is a 7.8/10 and its one of my best movies of 2015. It’s a must watch, so if you haven’t watched it go find it and get to watching and if you have watched this movie let me know what you think of the movie and this review. Also as i said before let me know what movies you guys would like me to review in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to like and follow this blog. Well that’s that for that, till next time guys! Peace bitches………😘😘


If you know me, I’m not one to read comics of any kind or watch those animated superhero movies. When it comes to live action movies, yass honey!! Sign me up! I was watching this movie and I was lost of words to describe it. I was literally sitting in the cinema tingling and itching with excitement; even right now typing is a bit difficult because I’m still trying to deal with the effects this movie had on me.

From the director who brought us the action packed thriller 300 and the beautiful seductresses of sucker punch, Zack Snyder has brought forth another masterpiece in the name of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Starring Henry Cavill (Superman/Clark Kent) and Ben Affleck (Batman/Bruce Wayne) this movie properly highlights the stories of two of the recently most talked about superheroes. The movie begins with a chilling show of the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne which Bruce witnesses. Then we begin a recant of the battle between General Zodd and the OG cryptonian himself which wreaked havoc on metropolis a little over two years ago. The devastation and loss of life in metropolis leaves people feeling helpless and it even makes some people see superman as a threat to mankind. Thus, batman’s mission to end superman’s reign on earth begins. Before I continue I’m going to veer off and talk about how I feel some of the characters were portrayed. Ben Affleck as Batman was definitely a surprise, not a pleasant one if i may add. You see, I didnt totally agree with the choice of actor, in my mind I was like ‘what about Christian Bale’ But after watching the movie, I think he did a good job. He definitely didnt play batman down to the very last detail but his acting was refreshing.I feel Jesse Eisenburg was the perfect man for Lex Luthor, I mean he played his character ton the T and left no stones unturned in trying to portray what was going on in his mind as an evil mastermind. Lex Luthor, being the psycho villain that he is, believes that devils do not come from the ground beneath us but they come from the sky. He is also on a mission to defeat this man called superman and with the help of  some of the governments people in power he gets the resources that he needs but there is one woman who opposes him; senator finch (holly hunter).

I really did love this movie more than I expected I would and a contributing factor is the shrewd cloud of darkness that constantly hung above the setting of this movie. If you look at it critically you would notice that with marvel movies there is always a sense of humor underlying the characters but with the recent DC movies there is literally nothing funny going on in this setting. Not to make it sound like it’s a bad thing but this which was inviting to me may repel a number of people and may unfortunately narrow the demographic of this movie. That being said the same thing goes for the 2013 movie Man of Steel which I didn’t love half as much but it was clearly a step in the right direction for DC cinematography universe and with this movie you can clearly see that they have outdone themselves, in fact this movie get me excited for the movies that have been promise to us in the nearest future. I also feel like this movie lacked a certain kind of compassion until towards its ending. As I mentioned earlier this movie was used to introduce us to some characters we that either haven’t been brought to life or have been brought to life with little success. The perfect example is wonder woman who is played by (Gal Gadot). In the movie wonder woman goes by the alias Diana prince and I have to say Gal did an amazing job bringing her character to life I’ve always imagined wonder woman to be a sexy, sultry mysterious woman who owns her body and isn’t afraid to show off her sensuality, which was proven true in this movie. My most iconic moment in this film was the moment when wonder woman realized she had to get into the fun and help save the day.Wonder-Woman-In-Batman-v-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-Wallpaper.jpg This brings me to acknowledging the ingenious Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL for composing the music score of this movie. The moment wonder woman came on the scene I was absolutely struck with awe because apart from her radiant beauty you could tell already how powerful she was from her grand entrance. The team behind this movie had no trouble keeping the tension in the hall so thick you could cut it with a knife, that’s what I love about this movie, it gets so serious you can’t help yourself but to sit up and pay rapt attention to it so that you don’t miss a thing. A minor thing that I wasn’t too comfortable with was the actor who played the role of Alfred. I feel Jeremy Irons looked a bit too young for the role of Alfred, I think that Michael Caine (who played Alfred in the 2012 movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’) would have been a better fit for Alfred.

As you can see I’ve tried my best to not give off too much of this movie for my readers who haven’t had the chance to watch this movie. This movie is definitely the best superhero movie I’ve ever watched and that’s a fact. I can’t help but wonder if DC is really coming for marvel with this one because this movie just hit a home run and if this is anything to go by, marvel needs to up their game and give us some banging movies. Io would rate this movie a 9.4/10 just for the fact that I can’t give a movie 10/10. If you haven’t seen this movie, then you are honestly missing out on cinema history, you need to get your lazy ass up and watch this movie because this movie is a movie for the ages.

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The Fantastic Four 

When I found out there was going to be a “reboot” of fantastic four, I must have been excited out of mind because I had only positive things to say about the 2005 movie. I went in to see this movie filled with OPTIMISM and HOPE, but I came out feeling empty, hungry and unsatisfied. Like every other movie, it had flaws but I choose not to highlight only the faults in this movie. I will also be talking about the strong points this movie had.

“SO I just want to let you guys know that I’m not a big comic book fan and i have never read any of the fantastic four comics published. My opinions in this post were strictly in comparison to the 2005 movie. Nothing more. Nothing less.😊😊”


  • First off I want to establish the fact that movie had a fuller story, despite the fact that bit was just an hour and forty-six minutes (1hr 46mins). WHY?? Well the movie kicked off from the inception of the whole thing, being that it started off with Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) as  kids in elementary. That answered the question of how the friendship between the two started. In addition to that, the way and manner in which they came about their powers made more sense to me than that of the previous movie in 2005.
  • They were young!! This was for the most part what attracted me to this movie. It just made everything feel a little more realistic and closer to home and oddly enough it was some what inspiring to see young people breaking boundaries in science (Yes I know it’s just a movie).
  • The powers in this one felt and looked more realistic in comparison to the 2005 movie. I mean something about Reed’s body stretching out like that made my skin crawl. A lot of people may feel this was in fact a shortcoming in the movie but I would beg to differ. Like come on seeing the thing (Ben Grimm) like that…………I actually felt sorry.
  • I PREFER the concept of them acquiring their powers from another universe to them getting the powers from outer space.


  • They were made lab rats and assets to the government. Compared to the 2005 movie, the way their powers were handled left me feeling angry. They were treated like freaks (even though they are) and they were used to the governments advantage. Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying this was a bad thing, I feel like it was yet another ploy to make the movie more realistic. Be that as it may it was a major turn-off for me.
  • They had little to no exposure to the public eye. Honestly speaking if something like that happened in the real world I would want to know about it and see it first hand for myself. It was so interesting seeing the publics reaction in the previous movie and seeing the way it was handled in this one was a major let down
  • The movie had a wonderful beginning, a terrible climax and an awkward end. The action in this movie was at a minimum for me, I just expected more from it being that it is a “reboot” of a movie that was made in 2005. Also the big fight between fantastic four and doom absolutely killed my movie boner. I was SO hungry to see how the fight would turn out, just for me to get there and see how lame they made it look 😪😪😪. The ending had me almost running out of the screening room. It just looked so awkward and uncomfortable that I actually felt embarrassed that the actors had to act that part out.
  • I had expected that the movie would have been more comedic and not as serious as it was for many reasons. One of which is, I have seen two of the cast members (Miles teller who plays Reed Richards and Michael B. Jordan who plays Johnny Storm) in previous movies which were hilarious and that being that I had expected them to add their own unique and authentic twist to the characters, but alas my hopes and dreams were cut short.

My rating of this movie would be a 5.2/10. I liked the movie though, what I didn’t like is how they left me high and dry in so many scenes. Dont let this discourage you from seeing the movie, you might see it from a different P.O.V (Point Of View) and you might like it more than I did. If not……………..well no one forced you to see it 😝. I HOPE that if the decision is made to bring out a sequel that by then they would have corrected the mistakes they made in this one.

That’s all imma say about that. Till next time my beautiful bitches and hopefully i would have better things to say about the next thing i review. On that note ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿😘……….peace bitches.

Please let me know what you think in the comment section if it was too long, if I said too little, if u want more emojis, what you want me to review next, anything at all really. Plus forgive my errors please no human is perfect we all make mistakes.