Hey guys!!! I know I’ve been gone for quite some time and I want to apologise for that. Apart from my overwhelming laziness, I’ve had some programs eating up not just my time but my energy as well. Now that I am free as a bird, imp back with another review and I’ll be reviewing the 2016 series “Recover Road”.

Recovery road made its big TV debut on the 25th of January on the Channel Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family), home to Pretty Little Liars, switched at birth, The Fosters, Shadow Hunters, Twisted, Baby Daddy, and very many others. On the release of Recovery Road, the executives at freeform were a little sceptical because they were unsure of the success of this series. Well Recovery Road had a total of 10 episodes and didn’t have a particular trend to the number of viewers they had each week.


Based on a young adult novel by Blake Nelson, Recovery road focuses on Maddie Graham (Jessica Sula) a teenage girl who is dealing with alcohol and drug addiction among other things. Yes, I know the fact that she’s a teenager may capture some people’s attention but I think what did it for me was that; with this series they weren’t just trying show us some teenage girl’s life in high school as she climbs up and down the food chain and dates the very many guys of her dreams (awkward, which I feel is a story that has been told one too many times). Recovery Road is a rather unorthodox story which not only shows us the very many dangers of substance abuse but, gives us an insight to the work that is put into turning back from certain choices that have been made and how slippery the road to recovery can be. Aside from this series being massively entertaining, I think it was also very informative and educating. While having to live in a sober house for 90 days to escape the risk of expulsion, Maddie has to lie to her friends who are also substance abusers to keep from being judged. While inside the house Maddie is introduced to a panoply of characters, each with their own backstory.

During the course of this series I was always excited to watch the next episode and that gave me no time to really savour the experience. I was done with the entire first season and the time to find the next season had come, to my utter dismay I found out that Freeform had cancelled the show due to an inconsistency in viewers throughout the first season. I almost cried. It wasn’t easy finding out that recovery road wasn’t renewed for a second season (which I feel was too harsh a decision made by freeform executives) but that shouldn’t discourage you from watching it. I think you guys should still go find recovery road and have a blast watching it, it’s one of the most authentic series I’ve watched in a while honestly.

This was just a brief description of the series and why it was cancelled, trust me it’s a lot more dramatic than it seems up there. Also you can read more about why it was cancelled by clicking here. Thank you guys for reading don’t forget to comment, like, subscribe/follow, and share please share!!!


Author: DAVE

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2 thoughts on “RECOVERY ROAD”

  1. Wow, thank you so much for posting this. I didn’t know this television existed, but I always appreciate television shows that delve deeply into taboo issues such as substance abuse. (Also, I’ve never watched Awkward, but I think I may just watch this one instead)


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