!!Disclaimer spoilers ahead!!

Hello hello hello  children!! Yes your boy is back at it again and today we have another movie review of the critically acclaimed Now You See Me 2.

Little advice if the part 1 of this movie is not fresh in your memory or you haven’t watched it at all, go back and watch or re-watch it now!! Let’s get into it shall we?

So starting this movie I didn’t know what to expect really because it’s so unpredictable, like you would think you know whats going and the BAM! Plot twist! Basically this movie was obviously a follow up to the previous movie starting from where they left off. It was a bigger, more exciting adventure with the addition of one new horseman or should I say “horsewoman”. With the departure of Henley (Isla Fisher) a replacement was very much expected and I have to say Lula ( Lizzy Caplan) was a very pleasant addition to the horse men. With shows that range from card tricks, to acts of God, to the old fashioned “find the lady trick” the sequel to the 2012 movie was definitely a roller coaster of events which would definitely keep you at the edge of your seat.

Remember how in the first movie the horsemen were the masterminds controlling every event? Well the tables have turned in this sequel. Oh yes! Someone in the name of Walter (Daniel Radcliffe) out tricked the tricksters. That’s not all, guess who his father is (allegedly) Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine) the business tycoon they stole from in the first movie. Daniel Radcliffe being the villain I did not completely agree with because I’m still so used to him being Harry Potter and I’m guilty of not watching his recent films, I apologize. Anyway sometimes I loved Walter sometimes I wanted to strangle walter but he also added an element of comedy and sarcasm to the movie.

Another part from this movie that had me going bunkers was when they were at London and began the first phases of their “grand finale”. Danny supposedly controlling the rain was probably one of the best illusions of this whole movie, why? Because they actually hinted to that scene during the movie but I didn’t clock it until he was done with his performance. It’s just so profoundly amazing how much intuition goes into producing such amazing illusions, I mean if you thought part 1 was a riot just watch part 2 and place your thoughts in the comment section down below. Generally I really think all the characters were appropriately portrayed especially Dylan (Mark Ruffalo). There’s just something about Mark Ruffalo’s acting that I’m always able to gravitate towards I can’t really explain it but make sure you watch this movie as soon as possible, you don’t want any more reviews messing up your perspective of the movie do you?

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