I just finished the first season of this Netflix original series called “Sense 8”. Funny how I actually don’t have Netflix in Nigeria but somehow I got my hands on the first season and after watching just episode 1 I was completely hooked and I couldn’t stop until I watched the last episode of the season. This series was particularly exciting for me because it explores something I never really thought too much about, something that I honestly never really understood and I’m still incapable of completely explaining this series to you guys but I’ll try my best.

Sense 8 is a series about evolved humans who are connected telepathically. What does this mean? It means that 8 of these evolved humans are connected through their minds and can communicate from anywhere in the world with their minds. The members of this amazing phenomenon are in what is called a “cluster”, inside this cluster are 8 people connected who share emotions, skills, language, basically anything to do with the name. They can also communicate with each other one on one by “visiting” and when visiting they are in two places at once meaning that someone in Chicago could be both in Chicago and Iceland at the same time because they are communicating with someone in their cluster who is in Iceland. Not to sound like a dirty slut but there was this one scene that I just really have to talk about because it was just tew much. So you know how they share all their emotions and feelings right? Get this they also share pleasure as well. This scene was a sex scene where two members of the sense 8 were having sex and it looked like a full blown orgy GOSH!!! You’ll understand when you watch it.

Like most motion pictures which feature humans with “superpowers” or some kind of variation which makes them different from the average man, there is an organisation hunting the sense 8. Led by a doctor who is also a sense 8, the organisation captures people with the gift and they perform a brain surgery on them. The procedure often kills the patient but the one who survived was being controlled by the doctor.

There are many more technicalities to this series which I am unable to explain because I’m too hyped for season 2 and I don’t want to give away too much information. Personally, I think the writers of this series are geniuses and they did an amazing job because it seems so real and so in your face. Another thing I love is the build up of the series because I don’t feel like it was rushed or dragged in anyway; there was a story for every member of the sense 8 which made it a very interesting journey. I also love the fact we got to meet 2 or 3 generations of clusters during the series and there was a role for every person in the clusters except this one guy who didn’t really matter but probably has a bigger role in the next season. I would give this series an 8/10 and I strongly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for an adventure in their seating room. Don’t be discouraged because it will be quite confusing at first but as the journey goes you will begin to feel like one of the sense


Author: DAVE

I love watching Movies and Love listening to Music. I'm also very opinionated, that's why I started my blog, I give my opinions on movies/music and also pop culture.

4 thoughts on “SENSE 8”

  1. Fantastic
    I am considering watching this series because of your prolific and profound writing.
    A masterpiece indeed


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