Drake – Views (A Review Of The Album)

I’M not an avid Drake follower, but I feel like I owe it to you guys to give you some kind of review of this album. Here’s an awesome review of VIEWS by TheDrowningMan himself. Enjoy!!!


Canadian rapper drake released his fourth studio album under OVO Sound and Young Money Entertainment. On the 29th of April 2016.

This album came as a follow up to his mixtape “If you’re reading this its too late” Which brought us to see a new Drake. His recent music has been stylised by the R&B Trap and Downbass or Downtempo. He also moves away from talking more about personal affairs to a more “For the people” oriented motion. A classic fan of his would have taken a while to adjust to this change.

Views merges all the parts of Drake we know and love. From his topics of discussion off the Take Care album to the instrumentation and Production with styles similar to Thank Me Later and IYRTITL. He mixes his greatest strengths and of course producers. On this list the notable producers are Kanye West, Stwo, Murda Beatz, Boi-1-da, Daxz…

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