Brief and precise. Explaining so much yet giving off so little!!


Recently I was watching this Netflix Original called Sense 8 and I saw one of the weirdest sex scenes I’ve ever seen. Okay, so there are eight people with this incredible
telepathy link which makes them feel everything the others experience, and see what they are seeing. Okay, so imagine that, and then picture three different telepaths (with three different sexualities) each in a different relationships. long story short, the sex scene was crazy as fck. Apart from all the sex scenes that we all love, Sense 8 is actually a really cool and original show with a good plot bringing new styles and along with many other Netflix shows, Sense 8 is really killing the whole tv show game, and taking Netflix to whole new heights.

Another network which has been making waves (although kind of expected) is ABC. With badass shows like “how to get away with murder”…

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Author: DAVE

I love watching Movies and Love listening to Music. I'm also very opinionated, that's why I started my blog, I give my opinions on movies/music and also pop culture.

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