Hi guys!!! I’m back again and today I will be reviewing the album I have been looking forward to all year. Yes! You guessed it, LEMONADE bitch! Anyway, without wasting too much of your time I’ll get right into it.

The four octaves singing, 20 times Grammy award winning, vocal powerhouse released yet another surprise album and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we have been waiting for QUEEN B to pull the rabbit out of the hat since formation dropped. Honestly when the trailer for the world premiere came out and I found out, I was literally dry heaving because I was so excited!! There were so many speculations that accompanied trailer, I even thought she wanted to start a series or some shi, well I think I was in over my head. The album is a two part album (a visual album and an audio album) and what gets me thinking is how 3 times in the last 3 years, miss or should I say Mrs. Thang has been able to successfully release projects of hers in complete secrecy. I mean in this day and age where privacy and secrecy are arguably the hardest things to come about she has managed to keep this album secret from the entire world.

This album is a story full of chapters, a journey in itself. In some ways you could say it is the album I AM…..SASHA FIRECES elder sister because it was constructed in such way that there are two halves of the album. One half having a centralised theme and the next half having its own theme, very much like the singers third album. You would think that somewhere along the line you would get lost but that is not the case. Instead the album gradually leads you to its end as events unfold and you are taken on an emotional roller coaster.


  2. HOLD UP
  3. DON’T HURT YOURSELF (feat. Jack White)
  4. SORRY
  5. 6 INCH (feat. The Weeknd)
  9. FORWARD (feat. James Blake)
  10. FREEDOM (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  12. FORMATION (place link)


“You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breathe.” Listening to this song, I couldn’t help but think that it was an amazing way to start off the album. The beginning vocals were a bit unsettling at first but when they fully blossomed into something that would give the faint hearted an ear orgasm (like myself) I totally fell into a trans. The production of this is stellar from start to finish. I want to believe that in this song she sings about a relationship with a dishonest partner, knowing full well that he/she was being dishonest. I’m officially addicted to this song anyway and I also love the fact that we started off on a light mood because I didn’t know what to expect from the rest of the album.


YONCE was definitely serving me island realness with this song huntyyyy! I mean it’s so different from my usual Beyonce and quite frankly I’m in love with it. The drums in this song were something else and her vocals were flawless as usual. There was this one part where I got a snippet of the drum sequence from countdown in her 4th album and it fit perfectly. I think for this song she sings to a cheating partner and she tells him that the other hoes he’s messing around with don’t love him as much as she does. She also makes it very clear what she would do if she laid her hands on his side-bitch. I just realised that it kind of had the same theme as say my name from the 1999 Destiny’s Child album Writings On The Wall, do you think so as well? Let me know in the comment section.


“Who the fuck do you think I is? You aint married to no average bitch boy.” From the first beat on this song you can tell how aggressive it is going to be. She really expressed some anger in this song and she really went full on rock queen on this record. What really made it stand out for me were jack whites rock vocal tricks and the fact that there is something beautiful in the discord of the song. The lyrics of this song really made the internet (twitter) run wild on the release of lemonade. Production wise, we can tell that B and her producers must have had some fun with this one. In this song she really tells this partner of hers that she is not to be trifled with, that she isn’t just an average person. This one part got me all riled up though; “this is your final warning, you know I give you life. If you try that shit again, you gon’ lose your wife”.


I honestly wasn’t a big fan of this song until my 4th or 5th time listening to the album, and after watching the mini-movie. This song is so different from my usual Beyonce and I definitely love it. Here she sings on forgetting about the man who did her wrong and constantly distracts her from her grind and making her coin. Also the song publicly gives us a description of this mysterious side bitch where she says “you better call Becky with the good hair”. This Becky with the hair is allegedly Rachael Roy


OMG!! First of all can we just acknowledge the pitch that this song started on? This song in itself is such a sexy song that I can totally see being played in a club of specific taste (if you know what I mean). There are so many different ways to interpret this absolutely intoxicating song. It speaks of a chronic heart breaking seductress who as she murders everybody (figuratively speaking) also works hard at whatever she does without relenting. I think this song describes not only B but many other women. Not in the sense that all women are heart breakers but it describes women who are hard working in any and everything they do with no remorse what so ever.


CMA’s better get ready cus the Queen is coming and she’s here to snatch all your edges! This being Beyonce’s first country song, she delivered everything. The guitar and horns in this song give it a story and a historical background like no other, while she sings about her dad, lessons learned, problems solved and even those quite unsolved. She bares it all letting us know how it was growing up with her father, the ups and downs of having her father. I definitely expected something different with this song but I was definitely pleased with what I found. It was a nice way to close the first half of the album.


This song is one of my favourite songs of the album. Not just because it gets me in my feelings or the amazing production behind the amazing vocals, but the fact that B reminds us all that underneath everything she remains a human being like every one of us and that she has feelings. Obviously life isn’t rosy for everyone, even Beyonce. This song starting off the second half of the album symbolises the beginning of the road to forgiveness.


Okay everyone! It’s time to get your tissues, this is not a drill!! If you thought you would cry listening to heaven from the self titled album or 1+1 from 4, then you are officially not emotionally ready for this song. Thinking back to all 5 of her albums I don’t think there is a ballad as gut-wrenching as this record. The piano was the perfect instrument for this song and her vocals, gurrrlllll!!!!! I was almost in tears. This song just simply tells us of the difficulty of forgiveness and not keeping to the rash decisions we make in times of immense grief. She sounded so vulnerable in this song and it gives it this authenticity that is hard to find.


I honestly thought I was still listening to sandcastles the first time. When I realised that this was a separate song I had one question; why is this song not three times longer? It’s so short and maybe, just maybe that’s what makes the song sound so magical. Both James Blake and Beyonce might have as well been holding the keys to the flood gates in my eyes. Even though it was so brief it still has this effect that I can’t explain.


Electrifying is the first word that comes to mind when describing this song. It’s another political piece and it’s completely genius. While addressing her personal problems, B also addresses the lingering problem in our society today which is the oppression of the black people. She sings of being free from metaphorical chains and bondage while making it very clear that it is impossible to stop the movement because winners don’t quite. Kendrick being in this song was appropriate because he is one of the artistes at the forefront of the black lives matter movement and I have to say he added more attitude to this song and that was the cherry on the cake. The speech given by Jay-z’s grandmother Hattie on her 90th birthday explains the demographic behind this album.


The last piece of the puzzle, the end of the story, the last chapter to the emotional journey that is LEMONADE. It’s so uplifting that this album ended on a somewhat happy note. This song completes this masterpiece showing that true love conquers all. She remembers the good times and uses them as a life line to pull her out of the negativity of dealing with the infidelity of a partner, carefully ushering her into the light and solace that true love holds to be discovered


Gurrrrllll! I have discussed this song and video at length. Click here to read it all.


In a nut-shell, this album is Beyonce’s most emotional album and it is also her most sonically adventurous one of them all. I’m just happy that I’ve been able to witness a pop artiste like Beyonce totally evolve and grow into her own and become a legend of our time. None of her songs from other albums can outmatch the emotional rawness that this album brings forth. She was at her most vulnerable and most profane at different points in this album which makes it more unique than the rest of them. Obviously this album will not seat well with some people but that doesn’t change the fact that it is an absolute work of art and should be praised for the amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into it. Anyway that’s all for now, let me know what you think about this album and let me know your fave songs in the comment section below.

Thank you guys for reading and for your support, sometimes I question why I’m still doing this and you guys always keep me coming back. Till next time my beautiful bitches, stay slaying!!!








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