The Intern 

HI GUYS!!! I’m back again with another movie review and trust me this time it’s a good one. So I was on my laptop frantically searching for a movie to watch, that’s when it caught my eye “The Intern” and I said to myself “this looks familiar” I then remembered that I had watched a trailer of the movie a while back on dstv box office. The intern is a movie starring Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin and Robert de niro as Ben Whittaker. Directed by Stephen Goldblatt, written and produced by Nancy Meyer, the intern is a refreshing movie depicting a young career driven woman who juggles being a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur.  She owns an online fashion site called “About The Fit”, the company has an idea to hire senior interns and Ben being a successful business man looking to get back in the game pounces at the opportunity and sure enough he gets the job. In his first few days of work Ben is assigned to be Jules’ intern which she wasn’t too happy about but she later changes her mind. Ben is like a fish out of water because his methods a quite old school, coming into the office every morning dressed in a suit and tie (in an office where outfits of choice are predominantly casual), carrying a briefcase and things like that but Ben is a very lovable character who quickly wins the hearts of his colleagues through hard work, dedication and honesty. I think everything about this movie was superb from the cast (which are so talented and I couldn’t love anymore) to the plot and setting, but I think what I loved most is the fact that Jules and Ben had such an unorthodox relationship, it was so beautiful seeing them bonding and getting to know each other. Obviously with their relationship Ben got to know Jules’ family. He met her husband who decided to become a stay at home dad when Jules career took off and his daughter.

One thing that annoys me with movies that have leading females whose characters are successful career women is that; the husbands almost always cheat for some reason. Yes honey! Matt (Jules’ husband) was cheating on her with some mother from his daughter school (like dude didn’t have respect, it was even a mother from his daughters school). I feel like it had to do with the fact that Jules being the busy a woman was rarely at home and he just wanted a relationship that seemed more stable to him. Anyway his reason was that he felt they were growing apart but to me that doesn’t make sense, like if you’re feeling some type of way about your man or woman don’t you tell them about it so that you can meet halfway? Aside from that I think he must have felt emasculated in some way and wanted that back, but then if he did feel emasculated was it really there from the onset? Any way this is just my opinion and I really do feel like once he started feeling like something was wrong, he should have addressed it with his WIFE instead of looking for some kind of stability outside his marriage.

This movie for me is a 7.8/10 and its one of my best movies of 2015. It’s a must watch, so if you haven’t watched it go find it and get to watching and if you have watched this movie let me know what you think of the movie and this review. Also as i said before let me know what movies you guys would like me to review in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to like and follow this blog. Well that’s that for that, till next time guys! Peace bitches………😘😘


Author: DAVE

I love watching Movies and Love listening to Music. I'm also very opinionated, that's why I started my blog, I give my opinions on movies/music and also pop culture.

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