HI guys!!! so I mentioned that I would be taking on random topics occasionally on this blog which is a bit unorthodox from the theme of this blog. Regardless I hope you guys enjoy reading this.

Funny how people can sit there on their high horses, with their condescending attitudes, feeling like they’re better than everyone else or they’re more important. Yes, at a point in all our lives, not once, not even twice, but multiple times we must have felt like this. Regardless, there should always be that little something, which brings us down from those high horses and help us come to a realization that there is more to life than just me, myself and I.

From experience, I’ve noticed how people more often than not, draw up conclusions about one another, even without speaking to each other for the first time. It behooves me to know that a person can proudly say “I don’t like that person” where as “that person” has done nothing what so ever to warrant this so-called dislike. How can you know that you don’t like someone without even knowing them? It really shouldn’t be a norm for people to be so judgmental towards their peers even before having a decent conversation. Look at it this way; when going into a new environment, you’re bound to meet a bunch of new people, like it’s inevitable but that’s when tolerance kicks in. without tolerance, you might as well be miserably irritated in that place because it isn’t possible to like everyone you meet (definitely) but you being able to tune out those that irk you or better yet, if you can tolerate the person, it prevents them from dictating how you feel and how your day goes.

Of course it’s pretty difficult; in fact I am still struggling with it till this very day, because human beings can be very difficult. It makes absolutely no sense to me what kind of person derives pleasure from  being mean to someone or making them feel bad about themselves because they walk different or they look different or they act different. I really can’t over stress the fact that before we get judgmental, we don’t know what a person has been through their entire life or what the person is going through. There is always a reason why a person is the way they are, that alone should make us think about what we say to and about people because sure enough we will be held accountable for what we say.

To the victims of this act of indiscriminate judgment; trust me it gets better. It goes from you hearing what people say to them saying it behind your back. Yep! Doesn’t sound like much of an improvement does it? But it actually is. To be honest people will never stop talking and that’s a fact, but what really gets me through this kind of fiasco is staying true to myself all the time, trying my best to be the best me I can be. The last and most important thing is to fuck the haters. Yes!! I said it “FUCK THE HATERS”.

To the people dishing out this negative energy full of hate, I don’t have much to say. I just want you to think for a minute about how you would feel if you were the one receiving the heat. Oh you think it can’t happen to you right? Trust, your day isn’t far off. MAYBE not now, it might not even be soon but it will be soon enough.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to like, comment, follow and even share this blog with your friends. also let me know your experiences and your thoughts on the urban youth and judgement. Till next time, peace bitches stay slaying!!


Author: DAVE

I love watching Movies and Love listening to Music. I'm also very opinionated, that's why I started my blog, I give my opinions on movies/music and also pop culture.

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