Yass hunti!!!! It’s finally here!!! By it I don’t mean nudes, nope. I mean our very own Barbados slay princess, Rihanna Robyn Fenty has finally dropped her highly anticipated album ANTI. The Grammy award winning artiste revealed her album cover sometime in 2015. Also considering the fact that her last album was released in the December of 2012, this probably left the Rihanna navy in an absolute frenzy of anticipation. There was no set date for the release of the album and that might make some think she pulled a Beyonce but I beg to differ. She obviously didn’t pull a Beyonce because we all were expecting the album. Anyway back to the point. The album contains 13 tracks and 2 features, that’s a little less compared to her previous albums. Here is the track list below:

  1. Consideration ft. SZA
  2. James Joint
  3. Kiss It Better
  4. Work ft. Drake
  5. Desperado
  6. Woo
  7. Needed Me
  8. Yeah, I Said It
  9. Same Ol’ Mistakes
  10. Never Ending
  11. Love On The Brain
  12. Higher
  13. Close To You

I would advice, that when listening to the album you start from the first track, never in between or from the last. I really appreciate the artistry behind this album because listening to it one can tell that she really went outside the box with this one. It definitely was a gradual process. Comparing this album to the last, there are few similarities but generally I feel like she is trying to get us to know and love a new different side of her music. I honestly love how the whole album is a journey in its self. Different songs giving me different faucets of Rihanna, yet it still comes together to form one body of art. Some of my personal favourites are tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, and 12. Consideration ft. SZA was so welcoming for me cus I love that island Rihanna that isn’t afraid to get raunchy and grimy, her vocals were exceptional in this song and the cherry on the cake was her vocals side by side with SZA’s vocals, the beat on the other hand was another contributing factor. The same goes for work ft. Drake. I honestly feel like there isn’t a person that wouldn’t like the island Rihanna (like is there anyone who didn’t like man down?). Work just make me want to get my carnival costume and dutty whine till my booty falls off (not really but you know what I mean). As for Kiss It Better, I really can’t explain what really makes me love this song, but I guess it’s the sensuality behind her vocals and the rhythm of the song. It reminds of skin (loud) a bit but like a revamped elder sister of that song. Leaving the ballads to the end of the album was absolutely genius. I feel like she never fails to serve me emotion in her ballads (case point: track 12). Higher is just a bare it all song, like I could feel the rawness and the pain in her vocals, I almost feel like I’m going through the same thing. The most interesting part of this album to me is the brevity of the songs. There isn’t a song longer than 4minutes and 30seconds (except same ol’ mistakes). This makes the journey seem like such a fleeting moment and it leaves me craving more and that’s why I would say that this album makes me feel a bit unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing the album, I just had expectations that were a bit higher that what was served to me (but I don’t love it any less). Another really intriguing fact is; she didn’t make this album for the hits, nope but for the artistic integrity. What I’m trying to say is that the album is one with its self and I feel like it would really make people appreciate the work behind a body of work such as an album. In summary, even though this album isn’t like her other albums (seeing that it went platinum in 3 days) I really think it’s a must get for music lovers around the world. Although it might not be my best album of hers, it’s a solid one, big ups to Rihanna for giving us this masterpiece.

I really didn’t get into details with this one because i didn’t want to ramble too much. Also let me know you’re thoughts on the album in the comment section. Is it just me or do Ib smell some shade with this album going platinum in about 72 hours. Well, thanks for reading, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Till next time, peace bitches!!!!!!


Author: DAVE

I love watching Movies and Love listening to Music. I'm also very opinionated, that's why I started my blog, I give my opinions on movies/music and also pop culture.

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