The Performances (2015 MTV EMA’S)

As I believe we are all aware of, The Queens of live performance slayage (Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj) were sadly absent this year 😢😢. Not to worry though, the performances this year were not too disappointing with performances from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Jason Derulo, Tori Kelly and many others. I’ll get into it without wasting much of your time.

  1. Opening the show we have Macklemore & Co. performing their latest hit single (just because I cant have enough of it) Downtown!! I have to say aside from the song, this performance was very interesting and I certainly wasnt lost with all that was happening on stage from the choreography to the screen cinematic and the choreography!!! I just have to give them props for that performance because it was captivating and it just left me wanting more. Even though Eric Nally wasnt as vibrant as I had expected, his entrance was genius like if you havent watched this performance you totally have to go watch it.
  2. Next we have Jason Derulo taking the stage with something a little different form what we’re used to. This performance was energetic and full of life. The Dance moves were also very nice being that part of the performance was done on a Hoverboard. In my mind I was like “If this nigga falls i’m gonna laugh so hard😂😂😂” but to my surprise he didn’t. As expected his vocals were on point and that outfit though!! I was just screaming “Slay Uncle Jason!! Slay!!”. It was a good one though, good ploy to keep us watching honestly. 
  3. Ellie. Sweet sweet Ellie. That dress was very racy, I mean risking a wardrobe malfunction on stage with that high slit and plunging neckline is quite ballsy, honestly. In other news her performance wasnt so high energy given that she performed Love Me Like You Do from the centre of what seems to be a cluster of diamonds. On the bright side her vocals were spot on and so were her backup singers and backing instrumentalists.
  4. Twenty One Pilots performs Tear In My Heart outside the Mediolanum Forum. The performed was very nice the crowd seemed to be very into it. For them just being two their stage presence was very real and vocals were on point.
  5.    Rudimental and Ed Sheeran take the stage next performing Lay It All On Me standing on top of speakers. Ed Sheeran’s Vocals were spot on as usual and generally they make a good duo. The song was very nice (first time hearing it) they didn’t loose me during the performance and it was pretty impressive.
  6. Justin Bieber comes on next performing his single What Do You Mean. I was really anticipating this performance because I really can’t have enough of his music right now and looking back I love the way he has evolved as a person and as an artiste 👏🏾👏🏾.   So the performance was very theatrical and I loved the choreography. I was very interested in it and i was even singing along. His vocals were surprisingly good, very good in fact for a live performance. Even though it wasnt as exciting as his VMA’S performance I still loved it.
  7. Jess Glynne comes on stage looking like she was pulled out of a 90’s dance club with her boot cut jump suit (I actually liked the look though). She performed a mashup of her songs my love, hold my hand and don’t be so hard on yourself from her album I Cry When I Laugh. Her performance was very engaging, her vocals were awesome and I loved her stage presence. The medley was very good as well, it sounded really nice (my first time hearing the songs as well).
  8. James Bay performs Hold Back The River. I really wasnt too interested in this performance, one of the reasons being that it was my first time hearing that song and hearing his name, regardless the performance was okay. His vocals were really nice even though he sounded a bit off at some points his vocals were still very nice.
  9. Miss Tori Kelly comes up next looking very retro in a gold ensemble and i just knew she was going to slay. She performs her single Should’ve Been Us from her album Unbreakable Smile and much like her VMA’S performance it was very high energy, her vocals were absolutely outstanding, the instrumentals were electrifying and she just slayed.  After nailing her own song, she proceeds to taking us right back to the 90’s with a medley of TLC’S “No Scrubs” and The Fugees “Ready Or Not”. After all this could this performance get any better? Oh yes it could! So Andrea Bocelli (probably the most popular opera singer in the world) sings his classic aria Por Ti Valore. His vocals were exceptional, he has amazing resonance and such a large belt. Here comes the good part. Tori joins Andrea on stage and they sing a wonderful rendition of Just Give Me A Reason by P!nk and Fun’s Nate Ruess. They both give an outstanding performance and totally crush that song making it sound like it was theirs. For me this is without a doubt the best performance of the night. 
  10. Closing the show, Pharrell Williams (AKA Vampyre) performs his latest single Freedom. Very energetic performance, choreography was on beat and his backup dancers looked very colourful in their get up. I sincerely loved the denim overall he had on and was that a rainbow Adidas sign on buttocks area?? (lol). His performance was a really nice way to close the show. 

Well, I guess from now on I’ll be keeping an eye out for the European Music Awards because I liked this one in some parts and didn’t like it in some parts. I feel like the performances were strategically placed and I liked that because the best performances were the opening and closing ones.

Anyway that brings us to the end. Till i have another review for you guys. Let me know your thoughts on the performances also don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe okay? Love you guys and your support❤️❤️. Peace bitches ✌🏽✌🏽😘😘………


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