The Fantastic Four 

When I found out there was going to be a “reboot” of fantastic four, I must have been excited out of mind because I had only positive things to say about the 2005 movie. I went in to see this movie filled with OPTIMISM and HOPE, but I came out feeling empty, hungry and unsatisfied. Like every other movie, it had flaws but I choose not to highlight only the faults in this movie. I will also be talking about the strong points this movie had.

“SO I just want to let you guys know that I’m not a big comic book fan and i have never read any of the fantastic four comics published. My opinions in this post were strictly in comparison to the 2005 movie. Nothing more. Nothing less.😊😊”


  • First off I want to establish the fact that movie had a fuller story, despite the fact that bit was just an hour and forty-six minutes (1hr 46mins). WHY?? Well the movie kicked off from the inception of the whole thing, being that it started off with Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) as  kids in elementary. That answered the question of how the friendship between the two started. In addition to that, the way and manner in which they came about their powers made more sense to me than that of the previous movie in 2005.
  • They were young!! This was for the most part what attracted me to this movie. It just made everything feel a little more realistic and closer to home and oddly enough it was some what inspiring to see young people breaking boundaries in science (Yes I know it’s just a movie).
  • The powers in this one felt and looked more realistic in comparison to the 2005 movie. I mean something about Reed’s body stretching out like that made my skin crawl. A lot of people may feel this was in fact a shortcoming in the movie but I would beg to differ. Like come on seeing the thing (Ben Grimm) like that…………I actually felt sorry.
  • I PREFER the concept of them acquiring their powers from another universe to them getting the powers from outer space.


  • They were made lab rats and assets to the government. Compared to the 2005 movie, the way their powers were handled left me feeling angry. They were treated like freaks (even though they are) and they were used to the governments advantage. Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying this was a bad thing, I feel like it was yet another ploy to make the movie more realistic. Be that as it may it was a major turn-off for me.
  • They had little to no exposure to the public eye. Honestly speaking if something like that happened in the real world I would want to know about it and see it first hand for myself. It was so interesting seeing the publics reaction in the previous movie and seeing the way it was handled in this one was a major let down
  • The movie had a wonderful beginning, a terrible climax and an awkward end. The action in this movie was at a minimum for me, I just expected more from it being that it is a “reboot” of a movie that was made in 2005. Also the big fight between fantastic four and doom absolutely killed my movie boner. I was SO hungry to see how the fight would turn out, just for me to get there and see how lame they made it look 😪😪😪. The ending had me almost running out of the screening room. It just looked so awkward and uncomfortable that I actually felt embarrassed that the actors had to act that part out.
  • I had expected that the movie would have been more comedic and not as serious as it was for many reasons. One of which is, I have seen two of the cast members (Miles teller who plays Reed Richards and Michael B. Jordan who plays Johnny Storm) in previous movies which were hilarious and that being that I had expected them to add their own unique and authentic twist to the characters, but alas my hopes and dreams were cut short.

My rating of this movie would be a 5.2/10. I liked the movie though, what I didn’t like is how they left me high and dry in so many scenes. Dont let this discourage you from seeing the movie, you might see it from a different P.O.V (Point Of View) and you might like it more than I did. If not……………..well no one forced you to see it 😝. I HOPE that if the decision is made to bring out a sequel that by then they would have corrected the mistakes they made in this one.

That’s all imma say about that. Till next time my beautiful bitches and hopefully i would have better things to say about the next thing i review. On that note ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿😘……….peace bitches.

Please let me know what you think in the comment section if it was too long, if I said too little, if u want more emojis, what you want me to review next, anything at all really. Plus forgive my errors please no human is perfect we all make mistakes.


Author: DAVE

I love watching Movies and Love listening to Music. I'm also very opinionated, that's why I started my blog, I give my opinions on movies/music and also pop culture.

8 thoughts on “The Fantastic Four ”

  1. Great review but I think you were being a bit too nice for the ‘liking’ part because truly the movie deserves a -2.5/10 because it was a waste of money, and I think you should watch the 2005 fantastic four again #justsaying


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